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WTP Operator

Customer Service Alert Re: “doxo” Bill Payment Services It has come to our attention that several Golden Heart Utilities and College Utilities customers have been solicited by or are using “doxo,” a third-party online bill payment service. doxo is not affiliated with Golden Heart Utilities or College Utilities. Despite using our names and logos, doxo is not an endorsed Golden Heart Utilities or College Utilities payment service provider. Customers who choose to pay their utility bill using doxo are charged a service fee by doxo. A payment made using doxo is processed when it is received by the Utility, not the date that the customer paid doxo. If received after the “due date”, the additional time it takes doxo to submit payment on the customer’s behalf may result in a late fee and/or account delinquency. Golden Heart Utilities and College Utilities provides a safe and secure payment option, free of charge, via our online web portal at